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Pearson Electronics Model A10 Attenuator

Pearson Electronics Model A10 Attenuator

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PEARSONTM ATTENUATOR MODEL Pearson Electronics Model A10 Attenuator

A10 Voltage ratio                           10:1 (–20 dB)

Midband accuracy                         ±1%

Input resistance                            50 Ohms

Output resistance                         50 Ohms

Maximum peak voltage                500 Volts

Maximum RMS voltage                7.5 Volts

Useable rise time                         5 nanoseconds

Low frequency                             DC

High frequency ±1dB                  100 MHz

Connectors                                    BNC

Operating temperature             0 to 65 o C

Weight                                         5 ounces


The Model A10 attenuator may be used with all standard Pearson Current Monitors, except Model 2093, to reduce signal output voltage by a factor of 10. All maximum ratings of these models are preserved. The attenuator is symmetrical and can be used in either direction




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Pearson Electronics Model VD305A Capacitive Voltage Divider

  • High voltage center electrode
  • Divider is placed in high-voltage insulating oil
  • Intended for the measurement of voltage amplitude and wave-shape of ac signals at high potential
  • The outer conductor of the connector is isolated from the case


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