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7-1/2 Digit, 20ppm High Precision DC Voltmeter for Lithium-ion Batteries




The DM7275 Precision DC Voltmeter delivers superior measurement accuracy of 20 ppm (0.002%), an accuracy level that is demanded by advanced applications such as aging tests of lithium-ion batteries.  Other key features include contact check to maximize measurement reliability, binning and temperature compensation, making the voltmeter ideal for developing and manufacturing Li-ion batteries, electrical double-layer capacitors, electric vehicle components, and other next generation devices. PRECISION DC VOLTMETER DM7275

DM7275-02 with GP-IB interface
DM7275-03 with RS-232C interface

Probes are not included. Purchase the probes appropriate for your application separately.

GPIB-02 modelRS232C-03 modelUSB2CE

Key Features

• Basic model with 1-year 20ppm Accuracy: DM7275

• Capacitance contact check (using built-in C-monitor)

• Supports global production with built-in variable power supply

• Built-in EXT I/O, LAN, and USB

■ Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)


DC Voltage


100 mV ( ±120.000 00 mV) to 1000 V ( ±1000.000 0 V ), 5 ranges


Basic accuracy


10 V range: ±0.0020% rdg. ±3 μV [DM7275]




-10.0°C to 60.0°C (14.0°F to 140°F), combined with sensor Z2001: ±0.5°C (5.0°C to 35°C)


Integration time


Integration time unit: PLC/ms (PLC setting: 0.02/ 0.2/ 1/ 10/ 100, ms setting: 1 ms to 9999 ms)


Measurement support functions


Smoothing function, null, temperature compensation, scaling, over-range display, self-calibration, auto-hold, contact check


Management support functions


Comparator, BIN, absolute value judgment, label display, statistics, measurement information, communication monitor, EXT I/O TEST


Contact check


Check signal: 10 mV rms, threshold value: 0.5 nF to 50 nF (Cannot use in the 100 V/1000 V ranges), Contact check integration time: 1 ms to 100 ms




Standard: LAN (100BASE-TX), EXT I/O, USB flash drive / USB device (USB2.0 Full-Speed)
Select IF: GP-IB (-02 type only) / RS-232C (-03 type only) / PRINTER (-03 type only)


Power supply


100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 30 VA


Dimensions and mass


215 mm (8.46 in) W × 88 mm (3.46 in) H × 232 mm (9.13 in) D
(-01 type): 2.3 kg (81.1 oz), (-02/-03 type): 2.4 kg (84.7 oz)




Instruction manual ×1, power cord ×1, application disk (CD-R) ×1


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