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Terahertz Technologies Inc.

Terahertz Technologies develops, designs and manufactures products in the optics realm that provide the best performance-to price ratio.

It has developed a large number of sophisticated instruments for a diverse group of industries, ranging from automotive, fiber optics, communications, photonics, power generation and medical equipment, as well for research laboratories, government entities and educational organizations worldwide.

Products include a full line of fiber-optic test equipment, including state-of-the art Optical Time Domain Reflectometers, hand-held Optical Spectrum Analyzers, CWDM Channel Analyzers, Tunable Laser Sources and advanced autotest/autowave Loss Test Sets, as well as a complete line of optical-to-electrical converters, fiber-optic links and a fiber-optic video link system.

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  • 33 dB Dynamic Range W/1 Meter Dead Zone
    Touch Screen
    Video Scope With Auto Pass/Fail Option
    VFL & Power Meter Options
    Bluetooth Android Tablet Operation
    Fib-R-Map Event Analyzer
    Macro Bend and Bidirectional Analysis
    Full Auto, Construction and Expert Modes
    SM, MM, Triple and Quad Units Available
    Instant On, Immediate Scan
    Live Fiber Detection
    Onboard Memory of ~40,000 traces
    CW / Fiber Identifier Light Source
    CertSoft Report Software
    Real Time System ORL


  • Tunable OTDR with 96 C Band Wavelengths
    Tunable CW/Pulsed Laser Source w/ 50/100GHz Spacing
    Touch Screen Operation
    Fib-R-View Auto Pass/Fail/Centering Fiber Inspector
    Fib-R-Map Comprehensive Event Analysis
    96 Channels (15-62.5) on the ITU Grid
    35 dB OTDR Dynamic Range
    10 Hour Li-ion Battery Pack
    Bidirectional Analysis
    Bluetooth Android Tablet Operation
    Report Generating Software Included



Showing all 2 results