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December 2020 Newsletter

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Brent Gibbs joins the ACA TMetrix Inc. family

Brent is a seasoned sales professional and Electrical Technologist with more than 20 years of experience working with customers across Western Canada. His understanding of industrial process, control and automation, predictive maintenance technologies and test and measurement systems make him an asset to any business.

Regatron G5_RSS_Next Generation

NEW! G5 RSS Programmable Regenerative DC Power Supplies

A new generation! The new G5.RSS series features high control dynamics, an exceptional accuracy, a nominal output voltage of up to 3000 VDC, and a wide current-voltage range with an auto-ranging factor of 3 geared to get the best value!

Regenerative Grid Simulators

REGATRON’s 3-in-1 full 4-Quadrant, Regenerative, Bidirectional Source & Sink Grid Simulators (Grid Simulator, Power Amplifier and AC load)‎ of the series TC.ACS are of a precisely engineered, high quality, modular design.

Regatron Grid SimulationS.png


With next generation test capabilities, anti-arcing solutions, wafer automation, and support for both engineering probes and production probe cards, the TESLA200 now enables complete thermal testing (-55°C to 300 °C) with fully-automatic thinned/warped/TAIKO wafer loading. One system covers all on-wafer high power test needs, from R&D to niche production.


Formfactor TESLA200.gif


Unigraf, a leading provider of test tools for video electronics manufacturers and ACA TMetrix Inc. will be hosting an in-depth technical webinar on innovations and milestones in the industry for HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C in 2021. Watch for upcoming details.



Utilizing embedded microprocessor technology to provide advanced performance and functionality, the GENESYS+™ series has the highest power density and lightest weight available for its size with a comprehensive set of user-friendly interfaces.
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December 2020 Newsletter

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