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  • Multi-Range DC Power Supply Triple Outputs, 3 x 35V/3A 315W, No Interfaces

    • Three or four independent and full performance outputs
    • Simultaneous display of meters and settings for all outputs
    • Instant access to voltage/current setting for any output
    • Multiple ranges on each output for wider voltage/current choice
    • Instant individual on/off control plus sequencable multi on/of
    • Up to 250 settings memories for individual or multiple outputs


  • Enabling single-contact high-current/high-voltage test

    • Enables coaxial measurements up to 10,000 V and 300 A pulsed (600 A in a parallel configuration) with a single touchdown
    • Even distribution of high current with innovative multi-fingertip design
    • Compatible with Tesla 200/300 mm power device characterization system
    • Reduced measurement time by testing both high-voltage and high-current conditions with a single touchdown
    • Accurate characterization of a wide range of pad sizes and test currents, with minimum pad damage and contact resistance
    • Safe, reliable and repeatable high-current/voltage measurements over a wide temperature range (from -55°C to +300°C)


  • Asymmetric three phase voltages, Micro-ruptures and flicker, Periodic and single shot under- and over voltages, Voltage drops either three phase or each single phase ,Superimposed harmonic and inter-harmonic voltages up to 3 kHz bandwidth.



Showing all 3 results




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