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200mm Probe Systems

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    • Re-configurable for DC, RF, mmW, FA, WLR and more
    • table and repeatable measurements over a wide thermal range
    • Moisture-free, light-tight and EMI-shielded test environment with MicroChamber® technology
    • Minimize AC and spectral noise
    • Manual 3-axis stage with ergonomic controls
    • Fast, accurate “hands on” wafer positioning
    • Quick, safe, and comfortable wafer access


    • Comfortable and ergonomic operation
    • Thermal range ambient to +300°C
    • RF/microwave device characterization, FA and design debug
    • Seamless integration between Velox and analyzers/measurement software
    • Complete solutions using probe positioners and probe cards
    • Achieve unsurpassed RF/mmW measurement and calibration accuracy with integrated RF tools and WinCal
    • Shortest signal path test integration for accurate, thermally stable, and low-error data collection
    • Powerful automation tools, reduce total test time on wafers, singulated dies, and modules
    • Faster time to first data for standard and “hard to test” devices such as thin wafer, small pad and high power
    • Advanced 4-axis semi-automatic stage for accurate positioning and repeatable probe-to-pad contact


    • SlimVue Microscope
      • Combined eye-pieces and CCD camera mount
      • 3x zoom and quick lens exchange
      • Quick lens exchange
      • 1 um optical resolution
      • Minimized scope footprin
    • Application Specific Sigma Kits
      • Optical feedback on platen position (gauge)
      • Adaptable to any mmW/sub-THz applications
      • Seamless integration with any mmW modules and tuners
      • Fast mounting and setup change
    • THz measurement capability
      • Rock-solid mechanical design
      • Submicron stage accuracy
      • Optical feedback on platen and probe position (gauge)
      • Motorized positioner


    • Three Probe Technologies
      • nfinity Probe: best for Al (Si)
      • ACP Probe: best for AU (III-Vs)
      • |Z| Probe: robust solution (long lifetime)
    • Precise Contact Solution
      •  Precision probe alignment
      • Consistent contact force and overtravel
      • Stable contact performance
    • WinCal XE Calibration Software
      • Exclusive 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-port on-wafer calibration algorithms
      • Automated calibration monitoring
      • Unique measurement & analysis methods


  • 200 mm semi-/ fully-automated production probe system

    • Up to 20 dies/sec (70,000 dies/hour) with MultiDie Testing technology
    • Faster time to data
    • Highest Z-axis resolution of any production prober
    • Highest Z-axis resolution of any production prober
    • Interfaces to all major analysis instrumentation, optics software and testers
    • Backside instrumentation, e.g.: Integrating Sphere, Fiber setup, Pressure Module
    • Highly accurate light measurement



    • Superior Mechanics
      • Highly stable granite base
      • Excellent measurement accuracy and repeatability
    • High Flexibility
      • Re-configurable for DC, RF, mmW, FA, WLR and more
      • 40 mm platen height adjustability
      • Fast transition between wafer and package test
    • Ease of use
      •  Low-profile, straightforward design
      • Easy and ergonomic operation
    • Double-side option
      • Front or backside probing capability
      • Access to top side and bottom side of device under test (DUT)



Showing all 6 results

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