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300mm Probe Systems

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  • The TESLA300 Advanced On-Wafer Power Semiconductor Probe System is an integrated high-power test solution that enables the collection of accurate high-voltage and high-current measurement data up to 3 kV (triaxial) / 10 kV (coaxial) and 200 A (standard) / 600 A (high current), with complete operator safety.

  • PureLine 3 Technology

    First automated probe station to achieve -190dB spectral noise*

    Plug In and Go

    Integrated TestCell Power Management provides fully managed and filtered AC power to the entire system, prober and instruments

    Autonomous 24/7 Operation

    Up to 4x faster flicker noise thermal testing on 30 μm pads

    Reduce Setup Time and Costs
    Exclusive low noise site survey, and system verification services


    • Superior Mechanics
      • Highly stable granite base
      • Fast navigation and high-precision probe positioning
    • High Flexibility
      • Re-configurable for DC, RF, mmW, FA, WLR and more
      • Full thermal range of -60°C to +300°C
    • Ease of Use
      • Low-profile, straightforward design
      • Spacious top chambers for up to 12 positioners
      • Easy and ergonomic operation
    • Shielding
      • Reduces electrical noise by providing a fully electromagnetically shielded, ultra-low-noise, light-tight environment
      • Full thermal range of -60°C to +300°C available


  • 200 mm semi-/ fully-automated production probe system

    • Up to 20 dies/sec (70,000 dies/hour) with MultiDie Testing technology
    • Faster time to data
    • Highest Z-axis resolution of any production prober
    • Highest Z-axis resolution of any production prober
    • Interfaces to all major analysis instrumentation, optics software and testers
    • Backside instrumentation, e.g.: Integrating Sphere, Fiber setup, Pressure Module
    • Highly accurate light measurement



  • with Autonomous Silicon Photonics Measurement Assistant

    • Revolutionary technology advancement for wafer and die-level photonics probing
    • Enables autonomous measurements
    • Highest accuracy in test results
    • Reduced risk of damaging fibers with collision avoidance technology
    • Easy setup even for less experienced users
    • Minimized coupling losses with minimal trench dimensions
    • Positioning hardware is precisely calibrated to the probe station and ready to perform die-to-die optical optimizations in minutes
    • Other integrated features: Incident Angle Cal, Optical Rotation Scan, Optical Scan Data Analysis, Optical Tracking, Align Optical Probes
    • 40°C to +125°C
    • Enables hands-free autonomous calibration and re-calibration at multiple temperatures



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