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DC Parametric

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  • Delivers superior guarding and shielding

    • High-quality construction with low-noise electrical performance
    • Kelvin version for convenient 4-point measurements
    • Replaceable coaxial probe tips, with choice of tip radii, and full electrical guard to the probe tip
    • SSMC 50 connectors
    • Ultra-low, fA and fF measurements from -65 º C to 150 º C


  • High-performance DC Parametric Probe

    • Ultra-low, fA-level current and fF-level capacitance measurements from -65 °C to + 300 °C
    • Guarantees fully-guarded measurements to fA and fF levels
    • Individual connectors provide force-sense connection for quasi-Kelvin and CV measurements
    • Allows probing of different pad materials and sizes
    • Fast replacement of worn probes without the need for tools



Showing all 2 results