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Check Your Solar Power Levels and Verify Integrity to Solve Power Loss Problems




Hioki Memory HiLoggers are high-speed data loggers for recording multiple chanels of voltage, current, temperature or humidity signals, providing complete isolation between channels and strong noise resistance. The LR8400-9X Series take logging to a new level by meeting applications in solar power measurement. PV POWER VERIFIER 

LR8400-92 200A AC/DC Sensor and other bundled accessories
LR8400-93 2000A AC/DC Sensor and other bundled accessories

• PV Power Verifier LR8400-92 (200A AC/DC Sensor and other bundled accessories)

• PV Power Verifier LR8400-93 (2000A AC/DC Sensor and other bundled accessories) Note: The LR8400-90 series are not bundled with the Battery Pack Z1000. Note: Use only HIOKI CF cards, which are manufactured to strict industrial standards, for long-term storage of important data.

       *Standard input units cannot be removed. 1:Memory HiLogger LR8400-23 (PV Edition) 2:(LR8400-92) Clamp On AC/DC Sensor CT9692-90 (LR8400-93) Clamp On AC/DC Sensor CT9693-90 3:Differential Probe 9322 4:Magnetic Adapter 9804-01 (Red) 5:Magnetic Adapter 9804-02 (Black) 6:Option Parts Set (Includes all of the following)

•Pyranometer (Manufactured by EKO INSTRUMENTS for LR8400-92/ -93)

• Thermocouple (20m)

•Power Cord (for Differential Probes)

•BNC Conversion Cable x 2 (for Clamp Sensors and Differential Probes)

•Magnetic Sheet


Key Features

• Estimate expected electricity production (estimated electrical energy)

         * Estimate the expected electricity production at the current time under continuously varying conditions of air temperature and insolation

         * Compare the estimate with actual electricity production

• Production can be measured without shutting off the circuit

• Measure production trend

• Investigate module failures by identifying strings with wiring breaks and using the instrument in conjunction with a masking shield

• Add up to 7 more channels of clamp or temperature measurements even in PV mode

          * When PV mode is turned OFF, the instrument can also be used as a 30-channel data logger

          * When PV mode is turned OFF, optional input units can be added to expand the instrument to a maximum of 60 channels

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