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Full Line Catalog

Download Amplifier Research’s Full Line Catalog

ACA TMetrix would like to alert our customers to the opportunity to download Amplifier Research’s Full Line Catalog, accessible as both a PDF and an in-browser version. In addition, customers can request that they be mailed a physical print version of the catalog. The Full Line Catalog contains a compilation of AR’s core products and significant innovations.

About Amplifier Research 

Amplifier Research (AR) is a leading supplier of RF/Microwave benchtop and rack-mounted broadband, high-powered, solid-state RF and microwave amplifiers, antennas, amplifier modules, complete EMC test systems, EMI receivers, military communications booster amplifiers and more. The company has a strong customer base in a wide range of markets, including communications, military, commercial, wireless, medical, automotive, aerospace, product compliance testing, research and education.

For more information about AR and its product line, please contact us.


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