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Programmable Grid-tie Source & Sink Technology
Wide range of power 20 to 512 kW, expandable up to several MW
DC output voltages from 0-65 VDC up to 0-1500 VDC, +/- 40 A up to +/- 600 A

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Our modern grid-tie inverter technology handles both current flows from and to the load and our modular design provides great flexibility in terms of voltages and power.
The units can be easily assembled in standard 19” racks with an absolute minimum of additional wiring. Even our higher power systems only need a fraction of space and wiring compared to other conventional solutions on the market. BIDIRECTIONAL


Energy feed back to the grid


The active grid-tied interface block eliminates the well-known problems created by passive 6-pulse rectifiers. All relevant Grid regulations are met. The medium frequency transformer ensures a complete isolation of the DC bus versus the grid potential.

Development, tuning and testing of today’s energy technologies call for active source / sink systems. Up to now,
bidirectional power supplies of medium to high power levels were synonymous with bulky and heavy systems and most power supply providers either offer split source / sink systems or integrated fixed power supply systems without any modularity. Our bi-directional source & sink power sources TopCon.GSS include a modern grid-tie inverter technology in order to handle both current flows from and towards the load.

The series TC.GSS is a full digital controlled, bi-directional switch mode DC power system which looks like a normal DC power supply!

The entire modular character of the TC.GSS series enables the user to build-up his system starting with a single-unit configuration of 20 or 32 kW DC power growing to a bidirectional power system of hundreds of kW’s and voltages up to 1500 VDC.

Grid compatibility

The bidirectional power supply series TC.GSS is intended for general industrial and laboratory operation and therefore do not fall under the regulations of Electric Power Generation and Distribution.
Nevertheless, the units dispose of a fully automated grid monitoring system able to detect phase voltage, current and frequency and islanding conditions as well.
In the case of a transgression of the programmed limits the unit comes to an immediate stop and the grid lines are disconnected. The TC.GSS firmware is based on a software successfully tested and certified.

System operating options

This concept not only offers a very compact cabinet sizing, but also an extended modularity. TopCon.GSS systems can easily be designed to the customer’s needs in terms of voltage and power. An existing system can be upgraded at any time by simply adding further TC.GSS units with an absolute minimum of work!


System operating area


System features & characteristics

  • Excellent matching to grid with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Full modular concept, providing easy system upgrade
  • Wide range of power 20-512 kW, expandable up to several MW
  • Perfect galvanic isolation towards grid and ground (4500V)
  • High dynamic response in both quadrants, fast quadrant crossover
  • Operation in CV, CC, CP and internal resistance (IR) modes
  • Full digital controls and peripheral operations
  • Proprietary inter-unit bus system for easy master-slave operation
  • Parallel-, serial-, parallel- & serial system configuration
  • A wide range of controller parameter settings allows for adapting even to complex loads
  • A number of interfaces is available to fit most digital/analog control requirements
  • Full real-time system delivering time-consistent data
  • Due to an active grid power interface, the harmonic content of phase current is minimized
  • Advanced medium-frequency switch mode stands for excellent efficiency
  • Special circuitry is used to minimize also common-mode voltage towards ground
  • A control operation and service software is standard and included with the power supply
    This TopControl software includes:
    – 8 channel oscilloscope with access to any of the system variables
    – various trigger- and pre-trigger facilities
    – SCOPE images may be exported easily for factory assessment of user system
    – Zoom and autoScale functions for SCOPE images, cursor functions
    – Alarm and error management, programmable protection menu for voltage and current
    limiting with integrated time-off functionality for transient based error suppression.
    – VLS – a programmable, versatile limit switch function for monitoring output variables in
    terms of limit violation, value window monitoring, including hysteresis definition and timer
    functions acting on peripheral relays or digital outputs.

Optional function generator

  • Self-contained, very versatile built-in TopCon TFE function generator for generation of time dependent pulses and pulse trains with a time resolution of 50 usec
  • The optional TFE function generator outputs may be directed to any of the controls, e.g. voltage, current, power
  • Standard pulse shapes available as pre-sets
  • User-defined arbitrary curves can be edited, stored and called up directly or imported from spread sheet programs e.g. EXCEL etc.
  • The selected pulse shape is visible and scalable in a special PLOT window inside the ‘TopControl’ software
  • In addition to time-domain pulses, the TFE provides a further unique feature: The Application
    Area Programming AAP. This feature allows to arbitrarily inter relate any output variable to
    another one by defining a function y=f(x) graph. As mentioned above, these graphs also
    may be edited, stored and recalled directly on the TopCon TC.GSS.


  • BatSim Battery simulation software
  • BatControl Battery testing, cycling and management control software
  • Solar Array Simulation Software (for Development and Process Automation)
  • Fuel Cell Simulation Software (for Development and Process Automation)
    Reverse Polarity Protection (for TC.GSS 400…600 VDC)
  • DC load disconnector, maximum rating 1500 VDC / 500 A (Rack / Cabinet option)
  • Voltage Level Indicator, adjustable, passive (Rack / Cabinet option)
  • IRXTS Internal Resistance Range Extension (max. 12Ω)
  • Rear Panel Integrated Fiber Optic Interface (ST)
  • Integrated safety relay providing shut down safety (Rack / Cabinet option)
    Interface for external emergency stop, switch off of external safety systems,
    external reset and status indication.
  • AC Terminal Protective Cover
  • DC Terminal Protective Cover
  • TFE Integrated Function Generator, Time-based & Parameter Programming
  • Upgrade from TFEAAPControl to SASControl
  • IRXTS Internal Resistance Range Extension (max. 12Ω)
  • USB Interface
  • Integrated Ethernet Interface
  • Ethernet to RS232, External Converter Unit
  • RS232 on rear panel
  • RS422, not simultaneously usable with RS232
  • GPIB / IEEE488.2 / SCPI
  • CAN/CANopen
  • 3-Point Calibration and Adjustment
  • 10-Point Calibration and Adjustment
  • 19-Inch Rack-Mount Remote Control Unit with Emergency Stop Button (1-Channel)
  • 19-Inch Rack-Mount Remote Control Unit with Emergency Stop Button (2-Channel)
  • Desk-Top Remote Control Unit with Stop Switch (1-Channel)
  • Front Panel Air filter (for each 20kW or 32kW power supply module)
  • Liquid Cooling (for each 20kW or 32kW power supply module)
  • Liquid to Air Heat Exchanger Unit, 19-Inch Rack-Mount
  • Ruggedized Option, Shock & Vibration protected
    (for each 20kW or 32kW power supply module)
    Shock tested according to IEC 60068-2-27, Vibration tested according to IEC 60068-2-64
  • Humidity, dew, pollution, salt water & corrosion protection
    (for each 20kW or 32kW power supply module)
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