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The XJIO-PCI board is an expansion unit that will integrate with your XJTAG test system. It allows you to plug in and test your PCI cards and provides access to otherwise inaccessible areas of your circuit.

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The XJIO PCI board is an expansion unit that will integrate with your XJTAG test system. It allows you to plug in and test your PCI cards and provides access to otherwise inaccessible areas of your circuit.

With a range of digital and analogue I/O on the XJIO-PCI board, you can increase test coverage and improve fault diagnosis, verify power rail levels, and dispense with costly custom test jigs – even for non-JTAG boards.

Key Benefits

  • Improve reliability of your boards by increasing analogue, digital and interface test coverage
  • Reduce your debug time by enhanced fault diagnosis
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of your custom test jigs
  • Reach your devices on non-JTAG boards with ‘Black box’ testing
  • Easy to plug in & test PCI boards


  • 96 digital I/O pins with user-configurable voltage range – 1.8V to 3.3V (5V tolerant)
  • On-board 8 channel ADC and DAC
  • Fully expandable to meet your needs
  • Switches and LEDs for user interaction
  • ‘Black box’ testing for non-JTAG boards
  • Reusable, replacing multiple custom test jigs
  • Standard IDC connectors
  • ATX power connector
  • 64 bit 3.3V PCI connector
  • RS232 / UART

Increased testing

You can test more of your boards for opens and shorts by connecting signals from your Unit Under Test (UUT) to the XJIO-PCI board.

Although often overlooked in test, connectors are a common source of manufacturing faults, especially with the increased use of high density connectors.

By adding an XJIO-PCI board to your test system, XJTAG can identify the nature and location of faults not only on nets connected to the JTAG chain of the UUT, but also on nets connected to the PCI interface and other connectors.

Using this functionality, even boards with no JTAG components can be “Black box” tested with XJTAG.

Digital interface

With 96 bidirectional digital I/O pins as well as the 64 digital I/O pins on the PCI connector, the XJIO-PCI board has been designed for maximum connectivity. The I/O pins are all 5V tolerant. The default logic level is 3.3V, or you can re-configure the 96 I/O pins, in blocks of 16, to use any externally supplied voltage between 1.8V and 3.3V.

Analogue interface

The XJIO PCI board has 8 analogue inputs and 8 analogue outputs, controllable via the JTAG interface. The on-board ADC enables analogue measurement — e.g. testing a power rail is within limits. The DAC allows analogue inputs on the UUT to be stimulated, improving test coverage of the target board.

RS232 interface

This interface can be used to further improve test coverage. There is a UART capable of communication up to 230KBaud and a RS232 transceiver that can be driven directly from the JTAG chain.

Configurable JTAG chain

The JTAG TAP control signals can be routed either directly through the PCI connector or to another header on the UUT using the external JTAG connector on the XJIO-PCI.


If more PCI slots or general purpose I/O pins are required, all types of XJIO board can be daisy-chained together to reach the required capacity. All of the general purpose digital I/O connectors on the XJIO-PCI board are standard IDC, for economical and efficient cable assemblies.

Power Supplies

There is a standard ATX connector to power both the XJIO-PCI board and your PCI UUT. In applications where the XJIO-PCI board is not required to power a PCI card, the board can be powered from the XJTAG hardware interface.

User Interaction

The switches and LEDs give further flexibility by providing you with a way to interact with your test system.


You can use the XJIO-PCI board with the whole XJTAG product range.


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