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Amplifier Research’s Multi-tone Testing System

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TMetrix is pleased to announce the release of AR’s Multi-tone Testing System, which reduces RF immunity testing from days to minutes. The advantages of the new system are multiple:

  • Saves on building additional chambers and avoids throughput problems with present resources
  • Saves on equipment and personnel costs because of increased testing speed
  • Provides one-year ROI (in many cases)
  • Can be used with your existing amplifiers
  • User-friendly software; short learning curve; free upgrades
  • Includes test profiles for radiated and conducted immunity—no inputting and no charge
  • Enables testing to commercial, automotive, aviation and military standards
  • Increases test lab capacity

Two models available

MT06000A: 65 MHz – 6 GHz, 200 MHz instantaneous BW

MT060002: 10 kHz – 6.5 GHz, with up to 1 GHz instantaneous BW

Multi-tone Testing System
Multi-tone Testing System

For more information or to request a quote, contact us.

About AR

Amplifier Research (AR) is a leading supplier of RF/microwave benchtop and rack-mounted broadband, high-powered, solid-state RF and microwave amplifiers, antennas, amplifier modules, complete EMC test systems, EMI receivers, military communications booster amplifiers and more. The company has a strong customer base in a wide range of markets, including communications, military, commercial, wireless, medical, automotive, aerospace, product compliance testing, research and education.

Amplifier Research Multi-tone Testing System

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