7234 Single-phase

New Product Announcement 7234 Single-phase, 2U, Industrial Amplifier/Battery Simulator

Benchtop powerhouse

The 7234 is a benchtop powerhouse. With its exclusive DC max topology it is able to deliver an amazing 28 amps of continuous DC power into the EUT—almost double what was previously possible. The DC max technology also increases the 7234’s ability to sync current by an impressive 50%. When coupled with AE Techron’s 3110A standards waveform generator, it creates a compact, very competent conducted immunity test system.


Value proposition

The 7234 is configurable, multi-mode and scalable. A key to the 7234’s value proposition is its configurability. The 7234 has a slew rate in excess of 100 volts per microsecond, making it the fastest battery simulator available. It is able to accurately produce dropouts and surges, with rise and fall times as short as 1.2 microseconds, meeting present test requirements with capacity left for customer-requested over-testing or future more stringent standards.

Battery simulator to amplifier

With the flip of a couple of switches, the 7234 is able to go from being a low-voltage, high-current battery simulator to a wide bandwidth DC blocked amplifier, ideal for driving coupling transformers in aviation standards like DO160, Section 18 and 19, or automotive standards like ISO11452-10.

Fast slew rate

One problem inherent in wide-bandwidth coupling transformers, like those used in EMC test standards, is the reduced output for a given input voltage at higher frequencies. This reduced output requires the amplifier to produce greater voltages to achieve the desired voltage out of the coupling transformer. The fast slew rate of the 7234 allows it to produce higher voltages at higher frequencies than other similar products.

Driving loads

Circuit topology of the 7234 was initially developed for, and is used to this day, to drive very inductive loads, like MRI gradient coils in some pretty interesting locations. This designed-in ability to drive highly inductive loads, coupled with a voltage potential of up to 150 volts peak, make it an ideal amplifier for driving loads like radiating loops or Helmholtz coils that are highly inductive.


The 7234 is small, rugged and efficient. At less than 50 pounds in weight and 2U in height, the amplifier is small enough and light enough to be easily moved from one test location to another. There are times when the object to be measured is too large to be moved. The 7234 is mechanically rugged enough to use in the field if needed. Even if the physical environment in your lab is less hostile than those encountered outdoors, it is very likely that the loads that need to be driven are not. Because of this AE Techron has made the 7234 just as tough electrically. AE Techron has combined a robust design with comprehensive, conservatively set protections and finished with resettable circuits and breakers instead of fuses. This makes missed connections, output shorts and system ground loops, events that could mean an extended stay at the repair shop for lesser products, a simple turn off the power, fix the issue and start again for the AE Techron.

Compelling warranty

For the small chance that the 7234 might be damaged, AE Techron has a three-year, no-fault warranty and a 30-day repair turnaround guarantee. The hidden cost of ownership of other products at this power level is a requirement for three-phase power. The 7234 is efficient enough that it can be powered from a standard single-phase wall outlet, avoiding the expense of running special power to the test location.

Another area where the 7234 can save a great deal of money is in its scalability. When there is that one test that requires just a little bit more than is available from a single 7234, instead of purchasing a new larger system, simply flip a switch, connect a second 7234 in parallel and resume testing.

In summary

More DC power.
Faster slew rate.
More voltage potential.
Ability to source and sink.
Compact, efficient, rugged.
Field configurable.
3-year no-fault warranty.

The 7234 represents an unbeatable value.

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